About ION

About The ION Website




The Integrated Orthomolecular Network (ION) website provides a wealth of educational information on orthomolecular treatment for the public and professionals.

In 2016, after extensive consultation, the Board of Directors approved the creation of the Integrated Orthomolecular Network (ION). ION was built on the solid foundation created by the International Schizophrenia Foundation (ISF).  In August 2016, after further deliberations, the ION Board of Directors decided to dissolve ION. The work of the ISF and its programs (Mindful, Canadian Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, Orthomolecular Health, International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine and the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine) lives on through the ION website. The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM), the Orthomolecular Medicine Today conference and the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine will continue to operate under the ISOM banner.

ION’s Vision -

To empower people to enjoy balanced, optimal lives with an individualized approach to mental and physical health using therapeutic nutrients and diet.



Empowering individuals and families to enjoy optimal health by providing education and resources on individualized therapeutic nutrients and diet;


Educating health professionals by providing evidence-based solutions to optimize the health of their patients through individualized therapeutic nutrients and diet; and


Advocating for a health care system that fully integrates individualized therapeutic nutrients and diet.

The Faces of ION

ION’s purposes are:

to promote, encourage and develop interest in learning and disseminating information about orthomolecular medicine and psychiatric disorders in all their aspects and implications
to promote wide acceptance and use of orthomolecular treatment to enable people with disorders to lead healthy, independent lives
to provide information from instructional lectures, public and private meetings, classes and conferences on the subjects of psychiatric disorders and orthomolecular medicine
to provide information on books or other publications devoted to psychiatric disorders and orthomolecular medicine
to provide information for governments, physicians, nurses, teachers, psychologists, and the community promoting the benefits of orthomolecular medicine
to encourage the study of psychiatric disorders and medicine and the relationship to society of persons with psychiatric disorders